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Chess-Poker 2

How to win the poker game with your horse - easy, if it is the Chess-Horse. Just think and move as a horse and take better poker cards, than your opponent. And if your opponent is the sexy girl - act as a horse!

models: Freya Mayer
4.6 / 5
Played    4346
It is a mix of Chess game with Poker. There are 52 poker cards on the chess board, and the only one chess piece is the Knight (also known as Horse). The player may move the Knight, according to the Knight movement rules, and place it over some card on some board cell, to receive this card to the player hand. You play with the opponent turn-by-turn. The player, who collects the higher poker combination on 5 cards wins the set. And your sexy girl opponent strips if you win!

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Dan 2023.09.27 06:07
Good remake of good old game. Alternating turns makes it different and maybe more thinking involved, but allows for strategies like going to spaces where opponent can only take a worse card like a non-matching or low pair on their next turn, since they try to take a card whenever they can.
Whoever 2023.09.21 09:33
Freya Mayer, in my opinion, is the best porn-star, these days: the one I would most like to hate-fuck
ftwill 2023.09.21 00:51
amazingggg, best ending
1 2023.09.20 14:22
jo 2023.09.12 16:12
loved both the game and freyaa
Pete 2023.09.11 22:12
Okay Game. Tight Pussy

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