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Battle Tricks-2

Cards-Knights battle, now you must make the higher score on Cards-Tricks sum. To win the set your score must be 100 or higher, and higher than opponent s. For sure some girl will strip if you win!

models: Princess Alice
4.6 / 5
Played    4734
The Battle of Cards-Knights 2. This version differs from the previous - Cards-Tricks values are summing, and the player who has the higher Tricks Sum wins the game. But the Sum must be over 100! And when some Card-Knight gets Off from the game, the player receives the new Knight from the reserve... So, more dynamic and strategical version. And the reward for the winner, as always, is sexy!

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Ronaldo 2024.03.25 04:10
The master pixe both girl and the game
2024.03.06 13:08
the masterpiece is both the girl and the game
Pete 2024.02.27 21:46
Easy Game, Nice Pussy

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