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Raise the ball, balancing on two hydraulic lifting jacks

models: Zazie Skymm
3.8 / 5
Played    39294
Raise the ball to the top of the screen, balancing it on two hydraulic lifting jacks. The ball is placed on the concrete beam, holding on two hydraulic cylinders. You may raise each side of this beam, actuating each cylinder with pumps. So try to raise the ball to the target at the top of the screen, balancing it on the beam, raising its sides.

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Jerry 2021.01.10 18:07
feri 2019.12.26 12:49
Sexy 2019.12.07 12:05
Wanna sex
Dan 2019.05.06 16:30
Pretty terrible game
Johny 2019.02.28 04:06
more like this
Dan 2018.12.11 08:56
While the show is sexy and the game isnt too hard once you get used to it, the physics are rather strange and can be frustrating. -The pumps dont pump evenly. I mean in theory, you should be able to make the bar flat, then pump once to barely slant it one way, and then keep alternating 2 pumps on each side to keep barely slanting it the other way until you reach the top. But in practice, you sometimes need to pump an extra time or few on one side because the sides dont pump evenly. Rather inconvenient and annoying. -No matter how steep you make the beam, the ball always takes a similar amount of time to speed up and slow down. For example if the ball gets going rather quickly it will take a decent amount of time to slow down and change directions no matter how much you tilt the beam the other way. -Lastly, the window to get the ball to enter the cone is rather small. The beam needs to go slightly past the bottom of the cone for the ball to go in, but if you raise it too much past the bottom, the ball wont go in even if it looks like it could fit, and you will have to level down.
Falcon 2018.12.02 19:25
Not a good game
Accounts? 2018.10.26 19:16
Wish we could make an account to save my favorite games like this one!

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