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BJ Country-4

Back to BJ Country - 10 years after. Meet new girls in old place

4.2 / 5
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The well known BJ Country have fallen into decay - abandoned buildings in the waste land. The new inhabitants are always angry, aggressive and hungry girls, who are always stealing something from their neighbours... When some girl finds out, that some her item was stolen, she asks or forces any stranger to find this item and bring it back. Your role is to find such items (statuettes, portraits, etc...) in some buildings and bring them back to real owners. If you will bring correct item, the happy girl may reward you with her brutal strip show...

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Dan 2021.05.05 06:00
Also this is probably one of the better BJ Country games due to important convenience features like the girls repeating what they want if you go back to them as Gary said, and since you dont get penalized for skipping watching videos or leaving a house before watching the whole video. Wish the character was faster though, he is painfully slow compared to previous BJ games. Also I thought you could enter houses by pressing a key like the space bar or enter in this game, but maybe not. Past games had that feature though.
Dan 2021.05.05 05:51
Yes there is now an extra scene to look for at the end after returning all items to everyone. A pretty long scene too. Also recently noticed the found or not found text about it at the top left of the screen. Not sure if this bug was present before but when I double click the cart icon, the icon disappears and I can no longer open the cart, until I leave a house then the icon comes back.
Hjh 2021.05.02 20:14
Hey secy
Gary 2021.04.11 14:56
Like the concept and the item finding (especially how you can go back and they still tell you what they want). However, feel it needs to be more than istripper videos. Should definitely re-release BJ country 2 on a non-flash format though, that was definitely the best of the series.
john josh 2021.04.11 00:13
videos freeze a lot. you should add a preload all videos function
Dan 2021.04.05 09:56
I will mention here for future reference that in general carts should be able to hold more than one item, at least a few. Would be nice for these types of games anyway, Also after I won a bug happened to me. Arrow keys and space bar got disabled, but moving with mouse still worked. It fixed itself once I clicked play more, but that resets everything. You might to move around afterwards without resetting so you can re watch completed shows.
Dan 2021.04.05 09:48
Agree with Ktulu that there should be blow jobs but there is another BJ that should be represented too, boob jobs. As in instead of them using their mouth they use their boobs. But both can be combined and done at the same time too.
Ktulu 2021.04.01 21:25
bj country 4 but without bj. what a disappointment
Unplayable on mobile 2021.04.01 01:44
Unplayable on mobile
wanker 2021.03.31 10:10
i wankt it on harley quin great game !!!!!

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