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16 Bucks
When you place the coin on the cell with equal value, you receive this coin. And pay for strip show.
models: Anny Aurora
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4.4 / 5
Played    16646

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JJ 2019.02.28 14:56
another idea of this game, is to win till the last level without adding any coin! 7 coins on table till the end
music 2019.02.13 11:41
I liked this background music most
Dave 2019.01.11 19:16
Like this. Anny is awesome. Game no rush. Level 9 to start getting great.
Dan 2018.12.21 03:42
Decent game but a bit hard because of it adding coins after a certain number of moves with no matches, and no way to decrease the amount on the board. Especially when the board is almost filled, it can take many moves to get a match, but the game may still add coins before you have the chance to make a match so you lose. I prefer either an add coin button instead or a way to decrease the amount of coins on the board. Like clearing an extra coin should not make another one appear, or clearing 2 or more coins at once should still only spawn 1 coin.

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