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Queens Vs Aces
Play cards strip game with beautiful blonde
models: Bree Olson
2.9 / 5
Played    23196

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Jake 2019.12.05 01:29
its Durak with single card in turn
Dan 2019.05.15 05:29
So this is like a simplified version of Durak but in which the amount of cards taken by winning each matchup is what matters. Its simple, but will probably get boring long before you beat all 14 levels, especially because sometimes there isnt much you can do to avoid leveling down or tieing, if opponent gets most of the trump cards especially the higher ones.
Dan 2019.05.15 05:13
I remember, long ago when I first played this game, I was very confused because instructions do not mention anything about card suites, just that higher cards cover lower cards and that trump covers all, though it does not explain what this trump is. At first I thought the trump was just one card, the visible card under the word trump that doesnt get played until the end of the deck. Took me some time to figure everything out. It helps to be familiar with Durak, but it should never be assumed that players are familiar with it. Anyway, Im sure something like that wont happen again lol.
Michael 2018.06.03 03:46
gra ktoĊ›
Game 2018.05.04 03:02
Cheats by not respecting trumps
BOB 2017.04.03 20:00
BreeFucker 2015.10.26 09:16
Bree is always beautiful

It is a FLASH game. You may play it on mobile in Puffin Browser

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