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Erotic mix of Pinball and Poker

models: Trisha Brill
3.4 / 5
Played    67535
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Dan 2022.10.08 11:15
I think it would have been a neat feature, if when you launch the ball without enough force, while its falling back down to the plunger you could push the plunger button during this time, and if you release it right when the ball lands it would get launched at a higher than usual speed. Or at least, the speed it would normally be launched at. It would also give you something to do while you are waiting for the ball to fall back down to the plunger.
Dan 2022.10.08 11:07
About the trick comment, yes clicking next quickly can be done in some older games, such as to win without paying or to avoid level downs. Usually its mentioned in comments. As for this game youll win eventually regardless, but considering that its basically all luck and you usually only get pairs, some two pairs and maybe occasionally 3 of a kind, its slow without the trick.
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trio 2015.12.19 02:09
Trick 2015.12.07 22:53
There is a way to win it quickly - when you win a bank 100 -click at once on NEXT - you ll keep the bank for next round
2015.11.21 18:19
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2015.07.26 17:09
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