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Full Chaos
Find Full House in Full Chaos
models: Alexa Weix
3.9 / 5
Played    39066
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Dan 2019.04.18 07:53
Whoa, this is what Id call a bug, but either way its stupid. If you make no combo, you not only lose your bet but ALSO 10 more from your bank. So you actually lose double your bet before the next round even starts! But if you make two of a kind, THEN you only lose your regular bet of 10 as normal.
Dan 2019.04.18 07:39
Aww this game was before ace low straight became a combo. Also I feel like you should win 10 for two pair rather than just get your bet back. Otherwise pretty good. I like that you can keep turning the wheels for no cost. Seems most convenient to go for full houses and flushes.
John 2017.08.31 22:48
Alexa is the best!
ojehgsiuo 2017.04.04 23:13
i dont fucking know
O! Mack!... 2016.03.06 14:33
yes, on the 5th - there are pants ... and pussy, but IN pussy they are only on the 7th level!
Mack 2016.02.15 17:06
for those, who have not reached 5th level - there are pants in pussy
konok 2016.01.28 08:13
Full House
Lucker 2016.01.28 01:29
Royal Flush! Spades! WOW
Flusher 2016.01.25 15:58
Straight Flush!
vizitor007 2016.01.25 02:05
mmm, so nice

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