Reverse variation on a 2048 game

The initial tiles value is 2048. You must decrease tiles value down to 2, by merging tiles with the same values. When two tiles with the same values are one-next-to-another, click on the tile to merge them. New value will be the HALF of your tile value. Go down this way, to get the lowest value of 2.

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I 2017.07.08 14:56
in her ass!
2048Man 2017.05.25 12:07
at least I got 2048
serge 2017.05.02 18:32
at last. that sucked
serge 2017.05.02 18:21
it sucks. I always get to the point where I just need to merge the numbers I already have, to win, but then it fucks me.
Dan 2017.04.27 19:23
Well that is one way to do it, have the spawning tiles get lower as you progress. Still I think we had enough Counter 2048 games and should go back to the classic format where you can control the tiles. That way we have time to think about our next move and dont have to get lucky enough for the game to line the tiles up properly. Has anyone managed to beat this game more than they lose? I can usually only get to 8 or 4.


This time merge tiles from 2048 down to 2
models: Kathy Anderson
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