Floating Maze

Floating Maze
The Labyrinth consists of floating tiles with wall on some side. You must lead the ball by the labyrinth jumping from one tile to the next tile. There are several coins somewhere in this labyrinth. When your ball gets to the tile with coin, you take the coin to your bank. To get to the next level, you must pay $100. So, find and collect coins. When you have the amount of $100 in your bank, the "PAY" button appears at the bottom. Click on the "PAY" button, and watch the reward show of the current level. How to lead the ball: push the ball with your mouse or finger in the direction, where you want to move it. If there is no wall in this direction, the ball will jump to the next tile.
Controls: Move cursor (or finger) by the screen in the direction, that you want to push the ball. (Or use Arrow-Keys on the keyboard)
BANK $ 0
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Dan 2018.06.15 21:47
Its because it was made for mobile where you just have to swipe to move, but on PCs you had to click and drag which people didnt like, so arrow keys were added for a more traditional PC control.
SaidCalculationBoy 2018.06.13 03:28
Seems the maze is friendly to Pc player than mobile, since u can use arrow keys & key M for map
Dan 2018.06.08 05:02
When the wall is on a tile that is off the screen, that is. The walls should be between the squares instead of on the edges. Oh and didnt know that M was for map and that was why it was zooming out. That would have been nice to mention in the controls.
Dan 2018.06.08 04:55
My other problem with this game is that you cant really see the walls on the edges of the screen. You have to actually try moving the ball into all of the edges to tell if its a path or a wall. The walls should stick out more or be thicker so you can see them.
2018.06.07 17:55
M - map
grrr 2018.06.07 01:02
I agree with john on the navigation
John 2018.06.06 16:27
The show is hot, but the maze is horrible to navigate. Would be better if we could simply click the square we want to go to, or use the arrow keys

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Floating Maze
Pay $100 for the next level show. Find these coins in the Floating Labyrinth
models: Nathaly Cherie
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3.6 / 5
Played    25115
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