2 Layers 2048


Chess Knight collecting 2048
The idea is to collect 2048 on a chess board. Pieces with numbers appear in random cells of a chess board. You may merge equal value pieces, using a Chess Knight. 1st - choose the piece, that you want to move - Knight appears on your chosen piece. 2nd - point the cell on a board, where you want to move chosen piece (hope, you know how Knight moves on a chess board). The Knight moves with your piece and places it on pointed cell. You may move the piece only to the empty cell, or to the cell with another piece with the same value. If your piece is placed on another piece with the same value, these both pieces merge and the resulting piece receives a value of a sum of two merged pieces. A new piece appears on a board after each move.
To win the game you must get the value of 2048. And each next level is more and more erotic!
Controls: Click to (1) choose the piece; (2) point the cell, where you want to place your piece.

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HOTROD 2019.01.17 15:13
HOTROD 2019.01.15 14:50
Dam Jr 2018.08.22 11:26
I like it a lot! The game itself. I almost forgot de sexy video. But has somoe issues. 1) A way to cancel the selection, instead being forced to move the piece even if you click it by mistake; 2) Faster moves; 3) When passing level, delay the introduction of other pieces for some rounds.
m 2018.08.17 23:18
fuck of
worn out 2018.04.22 06:26
the sheer amount of time it takes to combine numbers makes the game too slow pace. Nice effort though.
Danilo 2018.04.06 17:36
Good day
Danilo 2018.04.06 09:42
Good play
Dan 2018.03.17 03:51
4. As others have pointed out this game takes a long time. After reaching 256, 2s should stop appearing and only 4s and 8s should appear instead, maybe eventually only 8s and 16s like at 512 or 1024. Oh and another reason to be able to unselect a piece is for when you accidentally click on the wrong piece. I just lost on accident because it was a piece that I couldnt move.
Dan 2018.03.17 02:41
Numerous issues. 1. there is no way to clear or merge multiple pieces at once to decrease the total amount on the field. Since pieces spawn after every move, the field will gradually fill up unless you merge something every single play which is not always possible. 2. If you click on a piece that has no possible moves, you instantly lose. Why cant it just tell you to pick another piece? This goes into the next point. 3. you should be able to unselect a piece before you move it, for if you change your mind.
slvr 2018.02.25 03:13
Very good game & real hot video, thanks!!
sleepy gamer 2018.02.04 18:57
this game is boring. it took me about 1,5 or even 2 hours to get to 2048. lvl 10 - dp, lvl 9 - dp by dildos.
imants 2018.02.03 21:57
i want play
justme 2018.01.31 19:36
please. stop making 2048 game! its annoing!
Key 2018.01.23 07:36
this is alternate end from Sandwich 128
Cole 2018.01.22 13:26
I like it ! Sexy model also :)
too 2018.01.22 03:15
slow of a game....
Yesss! 2018.01.21 17:33
got 2048!

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Unusual mix of 2048 and chess: collect 2048 with chess Knight
models: Caty Campbell
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3.5 / 5
Played    44676
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