Cheap Tricks

Cards tricks game: When you cover some card with your higher card - you take this trick (this pair of cards). And the sum of these two cards values is a value of the trick. Each next trick is summing. If your sum is higher than opponent's, you win the set.
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Gameplay: 52 cards are placed on the screen in 4 rows. You must cover some card from some row with the neighbour card from the next row(up or down). Higher card covers lower card of any suit. Choose the card and drag it to the next row to cover the lower card. These two cards - is your trick and the sum of their values is summing at "your account"(SUM). Then - opponent plays. He chooses the card and covers some card in a neighbour row - it is opponent's trick. Its cards values are summing at opponent's account(SUM). Then - next turn, you play again. The set finishes when there are no cards to cover. If your SUM at the end of the set is higher than opponents SUM - you win the set, and go level up. If your sum is lower - you lose and go level down.
Controls: Drag the card (with your mouse or finger) to the neighbour row (upper or lower).      (And each next level is more erotic!)




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Grx 2017.11.01 20:12
A single level takes as long as the whole game should
ass2ass 2017.09.07 19:33
great plug game
Jimmy 2017.07.30 07:56
LOL at first comment calling Adriana Chechik ugly!
lechitass 2017.07.24 12:10
de jen la pajaaaaaaaa lol paja
More tricks 2017.07.24 11:57
if to click again on moving card, it will move further to the 3rd row. And cover the higher card than closest...
DV 2017.07.19 16:16
- Dan, if you accidentally cover the higher card with lower, or cover the empty place - you lose: it is the sense of this game. Game is for attention! In all other situations you have the advantage to chose cards first (before the AI) - so to chose higher combination.
Dan 2017.07.19 04:22
There is a bug though. If you drag a card and dont cover anything with it, and then drag a different card, the previous card you dragged will disappear. The opponent may still try to cover it which causes the game to get stuck.
Dan 2017.07.19 04:18
Fyi you can drag cards up or down even if they wont be covering anything. The opponent does not do this, so you can use it to your advantage if there is a higher sum you can get over a distance, or save it for a later round.
Dan 2017.07.19 03:24
Why does the game make you lose your turn for accidently covering a higher card with a lower card? The opponent never does this, so its just a disadvantage for the human player. Either it should not matter what order you cover the cards, or the game should just consider it an incorrect move and make you try again. Same for cards of the same value.
adam_beast 2017.07.17 19:40
Fun game with a great video.
2017.07.15 11:50
Two crazy/ugly whores, bad game.


Cheap Tricks
Collect cards tricks to watch lesbian tricks
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