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Tricks 3Some
Take higher cards tricks to strip both your sexy opponents
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3.8 / 5
Played    43596

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Peverted Weirdo 2019.01.22 09:12
I wish no level down
Erik Lindby 2019.01.05 23:48
Kunne godt det samme spil men med mænd
Mathias Damsø 2019.01.05 23:47
Skide fedt
Love Merry Pie 2018.12.31 01:07
She always enjoy herself so much
Foster 2018.10.07 10:20
I just found out that the girls on the right is Veronica Clark( it was written below the game)
Foster 2018.10.07 10:17
I like merry pie the best because of her pussy. I do not who the girl on the right is but i will search.
boi 2018.06.29 04:25
who is the girl on the right?
mr. p 2018.05.26 14:56
I like how they stop playing after you beat them, because it make game way easier, since you can now play agaist only one of them. Also that Merry Pie is so hot, my laptop increased cooler fan speed to its max.
yepa 2018.05.26 06:02
Nice game!! And sexy!! Now this game has been 2 different way.. I hope next time its goes like.. -You win both girls. both lvl goes up -You lose both, they both goes lvl down If you win only other, other goes up, and other down! And like in this game, they take your cards too :) 5/5 game!
Dan 2018.05.26 00:03
Also noticed this time once you beat one of the opponents they wont play anymore, but will still have cards for you and the other opponent to cover. I think its actually harder playing head to head like that since you then have to beat that other opponent to avoid leveling down other than just 1 of the 2, but still manageable if you learn how they play and to counter it.
Dan 2018.05.25 23:53
See you took the advice of making it so only the girl with the highest score can dress back up. Nice. I noticed when they both beat me but had the same scores, neither of them dressed back up. Not sure if thats a bug or intended but I actually like not being penalized in that scenario, since its not that common anyway.

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