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Sexy Cola
Get the strip show in your cola glass, and merge drops till 2048, not to stop the show!
models: Estonika
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3.9 / 5
Played    17333

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Subscribe to pewdiepie 2018.12.09 10:08
Sexy af
2018.11.24 04:17
love the sex
Dan 2018.09.12 09:07
Played this again and was pleased to see that everything I mentioned has been addressed or fixed! Game does still take awhile but is much quicker now. I noticed that rarely, as in once or twice per game, 2 or 3 bubbles may appear at a time. Usually for a few to several waves. Its so rare that it seems like a bug but could easily make you lose if you arent quick enough.
spadea 2018.09.11 15:48
too long
-How to: 2018.09.06 13:24
if bubble is stuck in the air - drag this bubble and merge it with falling bubble - it will fall down
Dan 2018.09.06 06:47
Actually its not so much the glare as it is the balls going partially out of bounds in the bottom corners. Its like the drop zone for the bubbles is rectangular even though the glass itself is not.
Dan 2018.09.06 06:39
-Last 2 levels are pretty long and boring. If bubbles with an 8 value spawned instead of 2s at that point it would help. -The white glare on the left side of the glass can obscure the bubbles so that you cant see the numbers on them, usually in the bottom left. Can be dealt with, but annoying. -Bubbles remain stuck in the air after clearing all other bubbles touching it. Can be dealt with or even temporarily dragged out of the way for other bubbles, but would make more sense if they started to fall again once no other bubbles are touching them.

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