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Red Jack
Traditional Black Jack, in red...
models: Camila Chix
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3.4 / 5
Played    26282

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pff 2018.10.29 23:04
more rigged jack games... fk luck games!
abe 2018.07.20 05:07
how come she is not stripping
Raj 2018.07.04 09:46
chicken dinner 2018.06.09 18:04
classic Jack, but now she strips at zero. the girl is so hot! Moar, please
Dude 2018.05.27 12:17
@The helper: you are wrong! She fell to 0$ but the next level she had 250$ again!
Bored 2018.05.26 19:48
dealer hits blackjack so often the game just gets dull.
The helper 2018.05.25 06:41
Instead of using all the time 100$, try to make her fall to 0$. She will still have 0$ at next level, so that you can win faster.
sigh 2018.05.24 14:02
amount of blackjack computer 10.. amount of blackjacks myself 0
Dan 2018.05.23 05:32
Also as a tip to players, since its a 52 card deck get you should always hit on 16, and probably even 17.
Dan 2018.05.23 05:29
Great length game. A non-serious bug at end though. After you win you can keep playing where you left off, but the game keeps saying you level up when you really are still on level 6 with the same video.

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