Strip Selector


To discard some your card, you must cover some opponents card... and strip them both
models: Lucy Li, Izzy
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Dan 2018.08.08 22:33
-Blank anon Id say maybe one or the other, but doing both of those things could make it pretty tough and frustrating. Plus you play head to head after one opp loses and theres already that bug I described to keep in mind, until if it ever gets fixed.
Luke Walsh 2018.08.07 21:25
My dad takes a better dildo than that.
Luke Walsh 2018.08.07 14:35
My mom takes a better dildo than that.
2018.08.06 12:46
Way too easy.. You just make sure other of them has worse hand than you... it would be better if other have better than you her lvl goes down, and other have worse than you, she go up.. This way you have play against both of them.. + Sadly they compurer doesnt take your hands away.. Id you have pair of 8 they dont take 8 from you.. :/ But still this is mych better game than those earlies couple ones :)
Dan 2018.08.06 02:59
But thats the only instance where it happens just like in the first Poker3Some game. If rather everyone has the same type of hand such as a pair, then as intended you just need to not have the lowest pair. Keep that in mind and otherwise its a pretty good game that shouldnt be too hard to win. Often its easier to just sabotage one of the opponents so that they have a worse hand than you and cant improve it.
Dan 2018.08.05 22:06
A bug from an earlier game still exists in which the losing opponent doesnt strip, if they have a similar but still worse hand than you, and the other opponent had a better hand than you. Example, I had a pair of sevens, Opp 1 had a pair of threes, so I had a better pair. But Opp 2 had a two pair ace and queen,and instead of Opp 1 stripping, the game said Opp 2 wins and she dressed back up.

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