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Poker 3Some
Make them lesbians: just win the easy poker from those blondes
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2018.09.09 19:21
give the option of changing models
Dan 2018.06.24 03:44
Other than that its a good game. I suppose you can call it easy poker because you get to dictate when the rounds ends, unless you run out of cards to draw, and basically you only have to beat one of them. Its interesting the way they discard, not always in the best or maybe not even in the same way, but thats good so you have an increased chance at getting a better hand.
Dan 2018.06.24 03:36
Ok so after further playing I see it does take into account card values in other instances such as if everyone has the same type of hand, or if both opponents have the same type of hand but you have a better type. It just seemingly doesnt when you have the same type as one opponent but the other opponent has a better type, because then the opponent with the best type of hand dresses back up no matter what. That is the bug.
Dudely 2018.06.23 17:00
love the 2 strippers then final video for winning against both
grrr 2018.06.22 00:03
glad to see the return of video. It has been some time since we have had a maze on or driving type of game
MARGHERITA (italy) 2018.06.21 00:06
siamo lesbiche impazziamo con un enorme dildo in culo

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