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Jack 3Some
Collect Black Jack (21 points) by covering opponents cards
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3.7 / 5
Played    31095

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Z 2018.12.11 06:34
Like the game, would be fun to get to go through other girls too with increasing difficulty
2018.07.19 18:38
Game is utterly shit.
2018.06.17 22:06
NICE! I love this game! Its hard enough, not too hard but nit too easy! Of course if you lose both of them, both level should go down, maybe its too hard then.. But still Nice game,, And i dont know, but maybe this time girls try use/take cards what you need? Maybe? More games like this! 5/5 Maybe poker?
Dan 2018.06.11 22:23
But it is weird that the ace is the highest cover card despite being worth the least amount of points. While being worth 11 would make it too easy to get 21, instead it would make more sense for the ace to just be the lowest card so that any other card of the same suit could cover it. Also this game can be tough because the opponents think ahead to get as close to 21 as possible rather than always going for the most points on their first turn, but you can win if you take that into consideration and try to do the same or even counter it.
Dan 2018.06.11 22:04
Petty good. I like how getting 21 strips both girls and busting dresses them both dress back up so you have an incentive to not bust, although if they both beat you with the same score they will both dress back up anyway.

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