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Concave Billiard
Billiard balls roll down to the center of the dimple. Just press on the table to move balls.
models: Peneloppe Ferre
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3.2 / 5
Played    20901

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Dan 2018.07.25 03:24
A probably unintended but fun and useful trick: After you hit a ball with another one, you can continue to guide or chain the ball by clicking to create more dimples for it to go through. As long as the ball does not completely stop moving, it should still count towards your score when you sink it. You can sink the last ball this way too, and turn an otherwise failed level into a pass, as long as you dont click next before getting the 5th point.
Dan 2018.07.25 03:15
Interesting game, and yes the girl is hot. The show is short, but watching the same thing over again can still be erotic. So I also think it should stay in the background, but as a small picture that you can click on to make it bigger or smaller again. Also, you can only afford to lose 1 ball unless you manage to sink the last one, so its easy to screw up, but theres no level downs so its not a big deal.
a user 2018.07.21 23:32
bugs: sound comes back on with each game level; if you score 2 ball with the last kick you go 2 levels up.
grrr 2018.07.21 17:47
possibly the hottest iStripper girl
Dudley 2018.07.21 15:24
Leave the girl in the background while I play :(

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