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Eazzy Poker
Just discard as many cards as you want, to get the best combination
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4.0 / 5
Played    11236

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David 2017.04.07 05:56
Hold me
to the dvlpr 2017.03.22 17:07
a ten is higher than an Ace and 2 Aces is higher than 2 fives... you might want to check it
Dan 2017.03.20 05:06
To Dvlpr I havent even bothered to try ace low striaght in awhile because it was always a waste of time. I assumed you wanted the ace to remain an only high card. I wasnt saying the game is hard just that easy was a little misleading.
Eyesore 2017.03.19 06:28
Of all the horrible backgrounds/foregrounds. Random bubbles everywhere?? WHY????
Dvlpr 2017.03.17 14:14
... at least Dan, you may notice, that THIS recognizes the A,2,3,4,5 as a Straight (it was your demand!)
Dan 2017.03.17 01:32
Easy is kind of misleading because although you can keep discarding, the more you discard the more the opponent discards too until they get a good hand. Also you both play with the same deck so you still may not get what you need. But it looks like the opponent only discards one card at a time which gives you an advantage.

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